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Telecom is the backbone of industry communication which is on the journey continuiously and tiredlessley

The future is largely depends on how communication evolve

Telecom Solutions
Order Management

Fremtek´s Telecom Order Management(TOM) is built on congnitive computing and scale on demand

It might be true that like most of the Telecom operators you are using Order Management(OM) systems built and design on principles from 90´s. You might have achieved moderate flexibility but limited success due to inherit designs and principles. It certainly a complete mashed-up, spaggetty solution with no self learning.

Contact us more to know how TOM is the future of Order Management Solutions.

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Business capabilites in focus

Congnitive computing

The system learn from events, take automatic self-healing actions, genrate dasboard for users, pro-activly sense, forcast and even develop measures for possible future probles

Fluid integration & Scale on demand

Integrate with your echo-system in fluid forms. Scale business applications, databases, underlines resources on demand up and down. Dynamically select information integration points

Ready for accqusitions and merger

The wheel keep turning, with TOM you are ready for every turn.

Partners makes us stronger and instrumental for our success