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Clean renewable energy is the future. Lets make the planet a better place for the generation to come.

Let lit the planet not litter it.

Energy Solutions
Energy for Future

In partnership with Energy institutions - new field energy research

Fremtek is investing in building clean energy solution by providing necessary cloud based Grid Distribution Solution(GDS). Come join us to planet a better place the our generation yet to come.

Our focus is to reinvent
Energy Distribution Control Systems

Energy Management System

Energy Management system is all empowering everyone to manage there energy demand and supply irrespective of their size and position be it an Energy Grid company or a home owner. The goal is rule out inefficiencies, contributes toward transition to renewal energy.

Real-time Metering

Real time metering of energy, projecting historical usage, future usage based on patterns, current rate, analytical energy demand usage etc. Imagine the possibilities of have all this at your fingerprint. We are investing toward a smart city solution for energy industry.

Partners makes us stronger and instrumental for our success