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Learn about "Skytoget" a Digital cloud platform for local business needs.

Delivering your project is a simplified and result oriented process with us.

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What we do?

We develop industry leading IT solutions based on cutting edge modern, flexible and modular technologies. We carefully assess requirements into solution in an agile manner.

Our Services


We provide highly skilled competitive and result oriented consulting projects for diverse industry verticals for Industry installation, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Processing, Migration, Outsourcing etc. Let us know about your project.

Enterprise Software Distribution & Compliances

We are authorized reseller and distributor of multiple IT Giants and niche industry partners which empowers us to offer and build world class enterprise solutions across industry verticals. We offer vendor neutral approach for software selection, ongoing audit and compliances.

Project Management

We offer program and project management across verticals. Our Project Management professionals bring multi-decades of rich experience on-board. Let us know more about your projects

Process Management

We've built best practices for efficient process management for diverse industries based on rich experience. Our management professional bring on-board a long list of expertise.

Cloud Computing

We have positioned in the cloud computing business to offer the services & benefits instead of maintenance and management headaches. We have strong focus to cloud service delivery and tap this cutting edge IT delivery phenomena for our customers through our innovative offerings. Fremtek offers Nordic Cloud platform - Skytoget to offer E2E solution for your business right from your datacenter to cloud so that you can focus on your business instead of IT delivery.

Cyber Security

How would be your day without a connection? Why let your business suffer the same. There is lots of opportunity and resources wastage due to limited or no insight on information channels. We develop smart applications to scale out operation. Our Cyber security solution open the omni-channels possibilities for your business, consumers, customers and partners. We can help you to embrace your cyber security startegy in quantifying solutions to penetrate and acceleartion for your business growth.


Our data scientist offer purpose built solution for Analytics & predictive intelligence for security, Predictive maintenance, Patient data analytics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This start with Applying AI on the data captured from sources i.e. chat bots, face recognition, data journals, omni channels, self-driving cars, sensors etc. to apply purpose built custom AI/ML algorithms that learn pattern from data, apply semantics, schemas to develop data decision value creation. For example Analyze patient and/or 3rd party data to discover insights and suggest actions. Contact us to learn more..


Internet of things is going to change the world with great impact than what mobile communication has done over telegraph. This is all about connecting every thing human can leverage. We are working with set of like minded projects and professionals to develop pragmatic business IoT solutions. We are open to hear about your project.

Enterprise Resoure Planning

Discover the way to faciliated the seemless flow of information between all departments or functions wihtin in your business enterprise to ease the business operation, data efficiency, better governance and compliances and Total cost of Operation. We offer suitable and complete E2E ERP solution. We speclised in SAP ECC, Oracle E-business suites and Opensource solution - INOERP.

Congnitive computing

Cognitive computing involves self-learning systems to learn, adopt take measures and action before it is too late in Autonomous model. We have partnership with Institutions to develop pragmatic Congnitive computing solutions for general purpose industrial usage. Let us know your use-case and be our partner in innovation.

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How do we engage?

Understand business challenges

We take careful note of business challenges, engage with respective partners, draft challenges, risk and stories. Create positive atmosphere about your change and accustom with your business needs

Develop early solution strategy

We strictly avoid jumping on solutions and fix on the go at your cost. We strongly belive in develop a quick solution strategy, agree on conclusions, solutions plans, expected outcomes, risk containments.

Execute plans and action

Once we understood and agree without wasting time and opportunity we promptly engage in executing plans and actions in agile manner. You will notice the positive atmosphere in a quite early stage of our engagement.

Design, develop and deliver

Design architecture, develop solution code, build and test continuously and go to production. Now on its a cycle of continious improves toward business needs and industry trends.

Partners makes us stronger and instrumental for our success